Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The most powerful moral influence is example. Huston Smith


I've been trying to find the right quote and image for this post for a while now. You see, recently I saw a post by someone on Facebook who has a habit of posting cryptic messages about all the people who are mistreating her. Her recent post declared their devotion to Christianity. I found this very disturbing - not because I think Christians should be perfect, but because of the contrast in the example she sets for others and what appears to be her real beliefs.

It started me thinking about how easy it is to become pulled into behaviors that don't match our beliefs. When how we live our life is opposed to our beliefs, we will never reach our dreams and goals.

If you, like all of us at times, have gotten into the habit of focusing on set backs, instead of your dreams and goals, take time today to consider the values you portray with your words and actions and compare it to your beliefs about reaching your dreams.

Today, I am grateful for the nearness of spring that I know lurks beneath the snow. I am grateful for a cozy home, a warm fire and healthy food to eat. I am grateful for the road crews who work diligently through the night to keep the roads free of snow and ice.

I am grateful for warm blankets and soft pillows that keep me comfortable through the raging storm. I am grateful for dogs and cats that love unconditionally. 

I am grateful for my greenhouse that allows me to grow green things in the midst of winter, for good books to read and for the sound of wind chimes.

I am grateful for my family - for my children who always make me proud, a new daughter-in-law who has joined our family and for my husband who is always there. I am grateful for brothers and sisters who made me who I am, and for my parents who have long passed on.

And I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you take the time to consider the example you set for others as you go forward in the direction of your dreams.

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