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Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. Albert Einstein

Sometimes, we get so busy with the little details of our lives that we forget to dream. We become trapped in the here and now and overlook the fact that there is more than the moment to consider. When we forget to dream, when we forget that there is a world beyond our limited view, we still the power within ourselves to go beyond.

Take the time to dream, today. Refine your goals and begin the journey of working steadfastly to achieve them. Renew the mind by casting away your defeating thoughts today and filling it with positive and uplifting thoughts.

Still the voice that tells you you are not good enough, or smart enough or good looking enough to achieve your goals. You are. You always have been.

Today, I am grateful for sunny skies and singing birds. I am grateful for flowers, butterflies and trees. I am grateful for the gentle sound of the wind in as it flutters the leaves, for hummingbird that flashes in the sun and for fluffy white clouds against a rich blue sky.

I am grateful for …