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"To bring anything into your life, imagine that it's already there." — Richard Bach

The gardener has no difficulty imagining the beauty of the flower when he plants the seed, why then is it so difficult for us to imagine the beauty of our future?

Develop the faith of the gardener today and know that as you plant the seeds of a prosperous and bright tomorrow that it will surely come to pass in its time. It will, however, require nuturing and care as it begins to grow. Consider the seedling that soon withers under the heat of the sun if it is neglected--but flourishes when provided the right care.

Nurture your dreams and desires by maintaining faith and cultivating a positive attitude, for the energy it releases provides the environment for your dreams to grow.

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to dream and to go forward and claim those dreams. I am grateful for the courage to rise above seeming obstacles and to nurture my dreams even when they seem far away.

I am grateful for the power of the universe in its infinite beauty, for night that transitions to day and …

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you. William James

Consider the steadfast snail that works steadily towards his goals, today. He doesn't look at the wall before him and give up because it seems too far away or the climb is too difficult. He begins his journey with determination and does not falter until he reaches his goal.

As humans, we often set out to achieve our goals filled with energy and dreams of a bright tomorrow, but give up when the way gets too difficult. Cultivate the habit of pushing past the momentary obstacles to find your second wind, today.

Today, I am grateful for writers who encourage the world to think in new and interesting ways, for scientists who explore our world and for theorists who go beyond the here and now. I am grateful for those with the courage to share new ideas, for those who are willing to entertains thoughts beyond the norm and for their willingness to share it with the world.

I am grateful for this wonderful creation we call earth that brings joy and peace and comfort to the soul. I am grat…

“It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive.” C. W. Leadbeater

The future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now. Eleanor Roosevelt

Many of us delay taking action because we are unsure of the direction we should take and mistakenly believe that leaving it until later is a prudent move. Naturally, there are times when thinking things through is desired, but when we use thinking things through as an excuse to delay action, we cheat ourselves.

The potter doesn't begin his work and suddenly stop and let it sit until a better time. He works steadfastly toward completing the vision his has set in his head and brings it to reality. Develop the mindset of a potter today. Take action and begin molding the vision of your future.

Today, I am grateful for hope, for faith and for the vision of a bright tomorrow. I am grateful for the ability to dream and the knowledge that I can go forward toward my dreams to claim my future. I am grateful for the courage and strength to step beyond my comfort zone to reach my dreams.

I am grateful for a comfortable home, healthy food and warmth from the late winter winds. I am grateful for …

With vision there is no room to be frightened. No reason for intimidation. It's time to march forward! Let's be confident and positive! Charles R. Swindoll

Most people wish to serve God - but only in an advisory capacity. ~Author Unknown

How often we turn to God when we have needs, lay our souls bare and ask for his guidance--only to then try to direct his answer. Instead of giving our needs to him and trusting that he knows the way to bring our hearts desires to pass, we take it back into our own hands and view it from our own limited view, thinking we can somehow direct God's hand.

Faith is letting it go and trusting God to show you the way--not using your own fallible intellect to direct God's way.

Get into the habit of offering up your heart's desires and allowing God to direct the way.

Today, I am grateful for dawn as it makes way for day, for a sleeping world that rests silently at night and for puffs of new snow that cover the world.

I am grateful for music that lightens the load, for artists who add new perspective and for the manual laborer who works quietly to complete his tasks. I am grateful for scientists that study our world, for parents who provide guidance to our youth and for communities who…

Never tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon. Author Unknown

So often in life we underestimate what we are capable of achieving because of some imagined limit that really doesn't exist at all. Instead of going all the way, we stop short of what we really want because we think it is all we can have.

In the book The Aladdin Factor, the authors address our tendency to ask for less than we really want because we simply do not realize we can have more. The same applies to your dreams and goals. The only limits are those you impose upon yourself.

Consider the imagined limits you have created in your life, today and set goals that go beyond what you may have thought possible. Get in the habit of going for what you really want and stop settling for less than your deserve.

Today, I am grateful to have electricity, for road crews who clean up after yet another storm and for bus drivers who keep our children safe as they travel snowy roads.
I am grateful that the winter storms will soon pass and the world will awake in spring. I am grateful for the comf…

"A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow." — Richard Bach

Consider the flowers of the earth today. They don't appear in full bloom, but unfold naturally according to their time. Your life is no different. Exercise patience as events begin to form and work diligently to bring them to full bloom.

So often, we expect to see big changes and overlook the little changes that transpire around us leading us to our dreams. Get in the habit of celebrating the little changes and giving gratitude for what you already have and soon you will be surprised by the way your life transforms.

Today, I am grateful for the morning sun that catches the clouds before it breaks the horizon, for distant clouds that pick up hints of pink and rose and for the first silver rays that shoot upward from the sun.

I am grateful for the distant cry of birds and the sound of dripping water that celebrate the arrival of morning.

I am grateful for eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that feels. I am grateful for the marvelous power of the mind and the God that created i…

Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring. Lorrin L. Lee

Consider the message you send out to the world today with the way you choose to live your life. Often, we become so self-absorbed that we forget that others perceive our motives and our beliefs according to the attitudes and actions we show to the world.

By practicing a positive outlook, expressing sincere gratitude for all that you have, and aligning your actions with your beliefs your life you will soon take on a new appearance and the message you send the world will overflowing with positive energy.

Today, I am grateful for the sliver of the moon that glitters in the night, for stars that dance in the cold and for woodsmoke that drifts pungent and comforting in the air. I am grateful for the blue-black sky, the vastness of the universe and snow that blankets the earth below.

I am grateful to know the sun will rise again and chase away the darkness, for the changing of seasons and for gravity.

I am grateful for the people in my life who have made me who I am, today--for those who c…

Always be a firstrate version of yourself, instead of a secondrate version of somebody else. Judy Garland

So often in life we become so caught up in being what others expect or what we think the world wants from us that we lose sight of who we really are. Before we know it, we are modeling ourselves after someone we simply we never meant to be.

Consider who you are today and strive to be the best you you can be and let go of the idea that you should be like everyone else.

Today, I am grateful for clear, crisp nights aglow with stars, for the glowing moon and the infinite universe. I am grateful for clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink and soap bubbles that glitter in the light.

I am grateful for tiny puppies that nuzzle together for warmth, for baby bunnies that arrive in spring and newly hatched birds with gaping mouths waiting to be fed.

I am grateful for family and friends, for good books and the singing of frogs in spring.

And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you become at first rate version of yourself, today as you go forward in the direction o…

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Christopher Columbus

Sometimes,  we are frustrated because we think we can not reach our goals, yet spend our  time clinging fearfully to old habits and old ways. Without the  courage and faith to step away from the known and venture into new  areas, we cannot go further than our current shore. Like the sailor, we  must be willing to risk losing sight of the shore before we can cross  the ocean and reach our dreams.
Cultivate faith in your dreams today by visualizing yourself completing  them and experiencing the joy that brings. Focus on where you need to go  and step forth in faith today, casting aside fear and doubt. Know that  your desires are within your reach, but that it may require the courage  to lose sight of the shore.

Today, I am grateful for the strengthening sun that sings of approaching spring, for our nation's children who go forth toward their futures--may they be filled with the faith and courage to do what they know is right, and for teachers who we entrust with their care--may they t…