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Creating a Vision Board

A vision board represents your wishes and desires by using images and words to symbolize each area of your life.  Once it is completed, it serves as a reminder to you of what is it you want and provides a visual prompt to focus on the things you want it your life and not on the things you don't want.

If the idea of vision boards is new to you, or if you simply haven’t taken the time to explore the concept, you are missing out on a valuable tool for refining your goals and dreams and activating the Law of Attraction in your life. Although vision boards are nothing new and have been used for hundreds of years, using vision boards to attract abundance to your life gained popularly after the release of the DVD The Secret.

John Asaraff demonstrated his use of the vision board in the documentary and later published The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreamsto simplify the process. The kit contains a motivational CD and everything you need to create a vision board.

Although you can certainly create your own vision board without his kit, it does make the process quick and easy to complete, as it includes both images and affirmations, both important aspects of the vision board.

The principles of The Secret and the use of Vision boards are simple. Based on the premise that like attracts like and that our thoughts, beliefs and actions become our reality, vision boards provide a simple yet powerful means to visualize exactly what we want and direct our thoughts and actions.

Creating a vision board is an effective way to put the principles of the law of attraction to work to manifest abundance in your life, as it forces you to focus on the positive changes and the abundance you desire in your life. This simple process puts your beliefs in action to manifest abundance in all areas of your life. Posted in a visible area, your vision board provides a daily reminder to visualize your future filled with abundance.

Creating a Vision Board

Identify Your Desires
Identify what you want in life. Don’t limit yourself to the things you think you can have. Take the time to make a list of things you really want in life. This includes relationships, finances, health, spiritual and emotional growth, as well as, physical things like homes, cars.

Choose Images for Your Vision Board
If you have purchased the Vision Board Kit, a selection of images are already included for you. Simply clip images to represent your desires. If you are not using the kit, browse magazines or look online for images that represent the things you want in your life. Although you may not know exactly what your dream house looks like, choose an image to represent that for you. How you feel when you view the image is more important than an exact copy of what you want.

Choose Affirmations for Your Vision Board
Affirmations are positive statements that express your desires—and phrase them in the present tense. Avoid those that say “I will” and stick to those that assume your wishes have already come to pass. Based on the principles of The Secret, it is important to act as though your dreams have been fulfilled in order to manifest change in your life. The vision board kit contains a selection of affirmations, but you can find inspiration quotes suitable for your vision board by searching online.

Layout Your Vision Board
I used a large piece of poster board for my vision board, but you are free to choose the size and shape that appeals to you. Some prefer to use foam board, but it isn’t necessary. Choose material that can be displayed easily and is large enough to create an attractive vision board.

Arrange images in a way that appeals to you. I chose to section my vision board into four parts and devoted each section to a specific interest, such as finances, career, spiritual and health needs. Feel free to use my vision board as an example vision board, if you prefer. Others prefer to mix their goals. Do whatever works for you. 

Leave plenty of white space between images and affirmations as an overly busy vision board may make it difficult to focus on specific goals.

Display Your Vision Board
Place your vision board in a visible area where you will see it several times a day. Near your desk is always a good choice, but some prefer to display theirs near the bathroom mirror or in an area of the home where they spend the most time. 

Spend time everyday visualizing your life with the qualities you have represented on your vision board. Imagine your goals have been fulfilled and your life overflows with abundance. Feel the joy and satisfaction of knowing your dreams will manifest in your life as a result of your beliefs.

** This kit is not necessary for making a Vision Board, but it does make it easier. I used some material from the this kit and added my own. The CD is inspirational and may be helpful for those new to the concept of vision boards.**


Anonymous said…
jkljl awesome thx for helpuing me for ma speeeeech!!!
Anonymous said…
I know about vision boards, but great timing finding this, just what I need to do at this moment when everything feels hopeless and stuck. Thanks!

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