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"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he..." (Proverbs 23:7).

Many of us are accustomed to going through life without concern for our thinking. We mistakenly assume that life happens to us and that we have little control over our circumstances. Yet, the Bible tells us that " as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he ..."   How much more then are we capable of simply by focusing our thoughts in the direction we want to go?

Cultivate the habit of believing in yourself and your ability to achieve the seemingly impossible, today. Cast away doubt and fear that you may reach your potential and bring your dreams and goals to pass.

Today I am grateful for the robin that sings outside my window exhorting me to wake up and live another day. I am grateful for the sun as it peaks from behind the clouds, for lilacs about to bloom and for butterflies that float from flower to flower.

I am grateful for the gently flowing of woodland streams, for ferns that adorn the forest floor and moss that is soft and cool beneath my feet. I am grateful for the whit…

We tend to get what we expect. Norman Vincent Peale

The simple truth that our expectations set the stage for what we receive may seem too simple, too easy or too fundamental for us to believe. Many of us have been raised to think that we are but mere puppets in the game of life and that life happens to us. That simply isn't true. Our attitude towards life, the expectation with which we greet the day and our belief in something outside of ourselves makes things happen.

Greet the day with joy and expectation today that your life may be filled with abundance and peace of mind. Cultivate your dreams today that you may reach above a mundane existence and overcome obstacles in your way.

So often we greet the day with an attitude of defeat and fear, never giving thought to the power within us all to overcome and to live joyous lives. I challenge you today to lift up your thoughts, refine your dreams and expect the best to come your way.

Today, I am grateful for the generosity of others, for warm smiles and light hearts. I am grateful for h…

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.~Robert Louis Stevenson

So often we become so focused on the harvest that we forget that sowing the right seeds is necessary to get the results we desire. Think of your life as garden today and consider the seeds you must sow to cultivate a thing of beauty.

Just as the gardener must choose his seeds wisely and plant them in fertile soil -- we must choose our thoughts and dreams wisely and nurture them as they grow.

Today, I am grateful for the singing birds, the flash of yellow finches and the robin perched high above the earth singing his welcome to the day. I am grateful for the promise of sun today that has yet to appear amidst the silent gray clouds. I am grateful for a reprieve from late spring rains that has enveloped our world for far too long.

I am grateful for herbs, for flowers and vegetables I have yet to plant. I am grateful for my garden that lies in wait of sunny days, for my climbing rose that grows beneath the clouds waiting to burst forth with the sun. I am grateful for the mighty forest that …

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. John Updike

Too often, we let the world around us convince us that our dreams are unrealistic or that we cannot attain them and give up before we have even tried. Guard against the influence of those who lack your vision. Cultivate belief in the beauty of your dreams, today, as you work to meet your goals. Always remember that it is your belief and faith in your dreams that brings them to pass.

Today, I am grateful for the promise of a returning sun, for the red-breasted grossbeak that adorns my feeder and for raindrops that slow to a light mist.

I am grateful for ears that hear, a heart that beats and lungs that breathe. I am grateful for fingers to type, for a clear sound mind and a sense of humor.

I am grateful for the ability to dream and for the knowledge that I hold the power to make my dreams come true. I am grateful for clarity of thought that I may direct my energies in the direction I wish to go. I am grateful for opportunities to share my skills with others, for hands that are eager to of…

Avoid problems, and you'll never be the one who overcame them. Richard Bach

As humans, we often accept obstacles in our way as a reason to quit or as sign that our dreams and goals are not meant to be. Instead of finding a way around them, we give up, giving them the power to control our success and direction in life.

Cultivate the habit of viewing obstacles as challenges to overcome and work diligently to reach your goals and dreams, despite the obstacles in your way.

Today, I am grateful to Richard Bach whose work is filled with inspiration and universal truths. I am grateful for eyes to read, a heart to understand and the courage to overcome obstacles. I am grateful for encouraging words, giving hearts and opportunities I have yet to see.

I am grateful for new opportunities that have come my way, for the ability to meet them with grace and confidence and for a future filled with light. I am grateful for rainy days that precede the sun, for nights that bring us rest and for sunsets in all their glory.

I am grateful for air to breathe, food to eat and time to p…

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Many people assume the Law of Attraction is nothing more that new age thinking that has no real basis. Some question whether the principles are Biblical in nature and shy away out of fear or uncertainty. From my point of view, the incredible power of the human mind is evidence of the divine hand of God in creating the vast Universe. Read more about what the Bible has to say about how your thinking and your faith affects the world around you~

Does the Bible Support the Law of Attraction?
Many view the Law of Attraction and the teachings of the Bible as opposing views, but with close inspection they may be more similar than you think. Inspirational Bible verses to get you on track for receiving blessings. Today, I am grateful for the vast Universe in all its beauty, for clouds filled with rain that replenish the earth and for birds that sing happily from treetops. I am grateful for the fragrance of newly mowed lawns, for the tiny white violets and for daffodils. I am grateful for lea…

The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness. Abraham Maslow

According to Deepak Chopra in Quantum Healing, bliss is a state where healing takes place. It is an old Ayurveda  term that refers to a state of being where awareness is heightened and self knowledge is attained.

This always seemed a bit out of reach for me--until I read that to understand bliss, one must be present in the moment. I'll admit it, I've read that a few times and self-righteously scoffed at those who spend their lives dwelling in the past or romantically dreaming of a future that they are unwilling to work towards. I thought I lived in the moment.

I was wrong. You see, I confused living in the present with living in the moment. Many of us "live in the present" and have mastered the art of releasing the past. What we haven't done well is learn to live in the moment. We blame it on our face-paced lives, our many commitments and our quest to reach our goals and dreams. We are bound to the modern concept that the prize lies at the end that the first pers…

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” Gandhi

So often in life, we become so caught up in people and things that lead us astray that we forget that our lives become what we think about. Instead of focusing on our goals and dreams, we let the troubles of the world dictate what we shall think, feel and believe. Before we know it, our lives have changed and we are mystified as to how it happened.

Guard your thoughts carefully today and develop the habit of focusing on that which is uplifting and leads in the direction of your dreams.

Today, I am grateful for the chorus of birds, the flush of new growth in my garden and  soft white clouds that make way for the sun. I am grateful for buzzing bees, for flitting moths and for the first blooms of spring.

I am grateful for the changing of seasons that melt slowly one into another, for new leaves that emerge in green-gold to adorn bare trees, and for tiny ferns that begin to unfold. I am grateful for babbling brooks that flow swiftly in early spring and settle into placid pools by midsummer…

“Faith is like electricity. You can't see it, but you can see the light.”

So often in life we spend our time believing in only what we can see and we lose faith in that which we cannot see. Yet, it is that which we cannot see that often holds the greatest power. Get into the habit of seeing with more than your eyes, today and build faith that all will unfold as it should.

Let the power of God, or the Universe, or whatever you envision the source of your life force to be, guide you today as you work towards your goals and dreams.

My daughter takes the leap of faith, today, as she is Baptized--yet I am concerned that the money for college won't be there for her to pursue her first choice of schools. How short-sighted we human beings can be. (If you would like to help her reach her dreams, you can donate toward her college costs on the top right hand side of this blog.)

Today, I am grateful for family that surrounds her and supports her in her decisions, for a bright sunny day to celebrate her faith and for faith that all will unfold as it should.

I am grate…