Friday, February 26, 2010

An affirmative thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative one. Consider the birds of the sky this morning. The seagull or the mighty eagle doesn't waste time and energy worrying that he will run out of sky. Why then do you worry that you run out of abundance? Many people worry that the law of attraction may not work or that they will deplete their resources and be left with nothing. It's human nature to have second thoughts. Know that when negative thoughts creep in you are simply falling back on what you have been taught, but that replacing them with positive thoughts takes away their power. In The Secret we are taught that a positive thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative thought. Focus on those positive thoughts and you will see mighty changes in your life. Today, I am grateful for a sturdy house to brave the rain and wind that pummels the earth. I am grateful for warm home that shields me from the cold, for electricity that fuels my computer and for spring that can't be far away. I am grateful for opportunities to share my thoughts and spread the word of the Law of Attraction. I am grateful for family and friends who make my life full. I am grateful for the ability to learn, resources at my fingertips and laughter. And I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May your journey be filled with joy and peace as abundance fills your life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photo by gracey Much may be done in those little shreds and patches of time which every day produces, and which most men throw away.~Charles Caleb Colton Time has the marvelous ability to become either our enemy or our ally. Only we have the ability to decide which it will be. If you are like most of us, you probably are in the habit of letting time slip by without a thought. Take note of your use of time today. Do you squander moments? Do you throw away those shreds of time as though they were useless bits of garbage? Learn to use your time wisely that your goals may be attained and your life may be filled with the sweetness of success. That is not so say that we should not take time to enjoy the marvelous things in our lives. We should and we must. Time to relax and time to enjoy should be deliberate choices that allows us to restore energy and build a strong foundation to our lives. Without time to enjoy, we lose the value in our lives. I'm talking about those shreds of time when we do nothing of value. The lost moments waiting for the bus, sitting in the dentist's office, waiting for that all-important meeting to start. What can you do with that time today? What can you do to bring meaning to those bits of time that seem to serve no purpose? I will use my time today to envision my future --to lay plans for action -- to build faith in my ability to find success in all my endeavors. I hope you will too. Today, I am grateful for the dull gray skies that tell me spring is approaching. I am grateful for the soft breeze that carries the promise of spring thaws. I am grateful for seeds to plant, birds to watch and writing to do that makes my life full. I am grateful for family and friends who bring me joy and courage to work towards my goals. I am grateful for the generosity of others, the kindness of strangers and the great thinkers of our time. And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop by to share my day.May your life be filled with joy and your heart be filled with courage as you go forth to meet the day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

photo by Pennywise We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.If you witnessed the full moon rising on Saturday night, you already know what a phenomenal event it was. When I rounded the corner and saw that ball of orange hanging mid air above the road, I couldn't believe my eyes. Here was the full moon I had seen hundreds of times, but its beauty was so profound my jaw dropped. For those who don't know: the moon was in perigee, which simply means it was at it's closest point to earth in its normal orbit. It happens every month, but this month it coincided with the rising of the full moon. Scientists say it was 14% larger and 30% brighter than the "normal" appearance of the moon. I normally don't think of a 14% increase as much, but seeing it with my eyes really made an impact on me. It made me begin thinking about what it means to increase your production or your income by 14%. Our natural instinct is to want to double our output or income . . . or make phenomenal changes in our lives right out of the gate. Yet a 14% increase in the size of the moon was a jaw-dropping stop-in-your-tracks experience. Consider the effects of change in your life today and take the time to notice even the small changes. Forget the shoot-for-the-moon mindset and realize that change happens gradually. What may seem like a little change may well be a jaw-dropping change that begins the journey to a new life filled with all the things you dream of. Let the moon be your example today and lead you toward the life you dream of. Today, I am grateful for the blue-black sky that promises the sun is on its way. I am grateful for the soft winter wind that brushes my face and tells me I am alive. I am grateful for work that sustains my lifestyle, for opportunities to pursue new endeavors and the energy to complete them. I am grateful for the gifts God has bestowed on me, for my willingness to develop them and for the ability to touch the lives of others. I am grateful for family and friends who provide support and encouragement. And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May your day be filled with hope and joy and may your belief in your abilities be strengthened. May the vision of the moon in all its glory inspire you to go forward today and make great changes in your life.

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