Friday, August 9, 2013

Negative thoughts stick around because we believe them, not because we want them or choose them. Andrew Bernstein

Lately I've found myself sucked into negative thoughts that seem to linger throughout my day. The slightest indication of criticism, the suggestion that things might not work out as planned or a hint that something negative is on the way is enough to send my mood pummeling downward.

It's not so much that I choose to dwell on negative thoughts as it is that I am struggling to push them away. I realized today that its not the fact that negative thoughts come that is causing the problem, it is our tendency to believe them.

I recently encountered an editor that seemed overly harsh in his assessment of my work, which cast a shadow of self-doubt over me. I thought it was the sting of criticism that was bothering me, but I realize now it was my belief in his criticism and the negative effects of self doubt that has caused the cloud of insecurity to envelop me. Today, I will choose to cast away my belief in my negative thoughts and get on with the business of working to reach my goals as I go forward in the direction of my dreams.

Strive today to chase negative thoughts from your life by refusing to believe that they have power over you. Look them square in the face and say, "I don't believe you." Know that refusing to believe them renders them powerless and opens your life to positive thoughts and positive energy.

Today, I am grateful for green grass, bright flowers and birds at my feeder. I am grateful for the fruit of my garden, for the call of the owl and the light from the sun. I am grateful for soft raindrops that fall to refresh the earth. 
I am grateful for family and friends who make my life rich, for the kindness of strangers who I meet throughout my day and for the vastness of the universe. I am grateful for the human mind and its infinite power to learn new things and reach new heights. 
I am grateful for good health, a sound mind and laughter. 
And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you overcome your negative thoughts today by refusing to believe them as you go forward in the direction of your dreams.

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