Friday, October 7, 2011

Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Pritchett


Recently, I have encountered some challenging events that require me to step outside of my professional bubble and seek out new writing opportunities. Those of you who are writers, undoubtedly understand how intimidating the process can be. Those of you who aren't, let's just say it requires getting out of your pjs and taking action to find your place in the ever-changing world of writing. But, that's not the focus of my post.

Today's focus is change -- more specifically the changes that positive thinking, visualizing your goals and dreams, and expressing your gratitude can make in your life. 

It can be difficult to see the changes wrought in your life because they often happen gradually. It's hard to identify what we cannot see or quantify with "evidence." Sometimes, we are offered glimpses into those changes. 

While evaluating my progress, I stumbled upon a picture of myself taken just before I began the journey to reach my dreams. I didn't consciously make an effort to change my appearance and didn't participate in any life-altering lifestyle changes other than improving my outlook on life and cultivating a positive attitude. I'd like to share with you those two pics today so you can see for yourself that changes are being wrought in your life, even when you think progress is slow or you are unable to see your progress.


Today, I am grateful for new opportunities I have yet to recognize, for a clear sound mind, a healthy body, and the desire to succeed. I am grateful for insight and wisdom, the passion to develop my craft, and the vision to light the way. 
I am grateful for stars that linger into dawn, for moonlight to light the night, and for the rays of sun across the frosted earth. I am grateful for the glorious moose standing proud in the morning light, for the sound scurrying leaves in the brisk fall wind, and for pine cones. 
I am grateful for family and friends who fill my world, for children everywhere as they find their way in the world, and the elderly who chose to share their wisdom. I am grateful for strangers who offer a smile, for long-lost friends who once shared my life, and for those who have yet to enter my life. 
I am grateful for ears that hear, eyes that see, and a heart that beats.  
And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you embrace the positive changes in your life as you go forward in the direction of your dreams.


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