Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

The birds of the forest don't wait until they see the sun before they begin their song, but sing out in chorus to welcome the beginning of a new day. Why then do we insist that we must see the light before we sing out in praise? I would that I had the faith of the lowly birds today and to lift up my voice to welcome the coming days.

I've stumbled a bit lately and run into many obstacles during the past winter. How ironic that I should stop praising all that is good and light in the world when things get rough for me after telling you that you have the power to overcome all that is negative in the world by changing your thinking and expressing gratitude for all that you have.

I am the example of how not to lead your life in faith. Let me explain my descent from positive thinking and gratitude to something less enjoyable and more in tune with the negative forces that descended on my life.

It began when I fancied I no longer had time for this blog. I fell victim to the slippery slope that often befalls online writers, as I tended to spend my energy and my time on writing for money and forgot that perhaps there was a greater calling I should heed. As time progressed, I blogged less and less about gratitude and positive thinking and wrote about popular topics that would draw in readers and in turn earn money from the sites I publish on.

I'll spare you the details, but life began a downward spiral. Sadly, I abandoned my commitment to gratitude and a positive attitude as I became overwhelmed with a set of events I could not have imagined.

I am here today to begin again and lift up my voice in praise of the light that I know shall come.

Today, I am grateful for the nearness of spring and the promise that snow shall melt and flowers shall bloom again. I am grateful for blue skies, spring sun and mud puddles that will soon emerge. I am grateful for the birds of the forest, for the sound of the wind and melting ice that sparkles in the sun. 
I am grateful for my family who is always there, for friends who share their faith and for those whose lives touch mine along the way. I am grateful for the clean air to breathe, for water to drink and food to fuel the body. I am grateful for my health that I may enjoy life. 
I am grateful for opportunities that lurk just out of sight and for the wisdom to recognize them when they come my way. 
And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you have the faith of the birds of the forest today, as you lift up your voice in praise for the joys that are about to enter your life.

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