Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dedication: It is the effort of many that create the ripples that can move mountains.

Dedication: Jordan Pond

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Sometimes we are so concerned with making big changes in our lives that we forget that change does not come overnight. Its so easy to forget that small efforts can make big changes. Like the pebble that sends out ripples that grow as they move outward, the efforts you make today are capable of leading you to a bright future.

Get into the habit of accomplishing small tasks that lead to your goals, today, and don't be discouraged because you can't reach them right away.

Today, I am grateful for the cool summer breeze, for tiny cucumbers on the vine, and tomatoes that turn from green to gold and finally red. I am grateful for the bees that are abuzz in my garden, for the hummingbird that darts about, and for dragonflies that devour mosquitoes about my head.
I am grateful for the hoot of the owl in the midst of darkness, for the night sky in all its glory, and for mountains that remind me to stand strong.
I am grateful for butterflies that flit from flower to flower, for the deep green moss that blankets the forest floor, and for winding streams that tumble and splash over logs and stones.
I am grateful for the bounty of the earth that provides nuts and berries for man and beast. 
I am grateful for my children who always make me proud, for my husband who is always there,  and for brothers and sisters who have shared my life. 
And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop and share my day. May you create ripples that move mountains as you go forward in the direction of your dreams.

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