Friday, July 6, 2012

Expect A Miracle

Like most of us, I have a few books and authors that I turn to when I find myself lacking motivation. Today was one of those days and my author of choice was Norman Vincent Peale. Those of you already familiar with his work know how inspirational his work can be. Those of you who have not read is work; I urge to pick up a copy of  The Power of Positive ThinkingIt has changed my life on a number of occasions, as it reminded me of the things I already know but sometimes forget to practice.

Today, I was reading You Can If You Think You Can by Dr. Peale. About half way through the book I suddenly confronted a chapter called "Expect A Miracle" and was immediately struck by how easily we forget the importance of our expectations.

I like to call it forgetting because it creeps up on us gradually. We don't make a conscious effort to alter our believing. Perhaps we are influenced by those around us, perhaps we simply forget that positive thinking requires active participation - at any rate, we gradually begin to adopt the attitudes and expectations of those around us.

Before we know it, we've forgotten the miracle of life bestowed on us with each passing day. We neglect to see the miracle of the rising sun. Our joy begins to weaken and life becomes routine. Like the proverbial frog in the pot of water who doesn't notice as the water heats and will sit there contentedly even though it is sure to bring him death, we become oblivious to our state of mind.

If you, like me, find yourself lulled into forgetting about the power of your thoughts and faith to build the life you desire, its time to begin Expecting Miracles and being ready to accept them when they come.

Today, I am grateful for the summer sun that warms my garden beds, for leaves that dance in the evening breeze and fireflies that light the night. I am grateful for the blades of grass that waver in the wind, the sounds of the tree frogs that make music in the night and for butterflies that dance by day.
I am grateful for the smell of newly-mown hay, for the feel of raindrops on the skin and for gentle breezes that cool the air. I am grateful for mighty oceans and majestic mountains, for shiny pebbles in the sun and sand beneath my feet.
I am grateful for family and friends, for strangers I have yet to meet and old friends who helped to make me who I am. I am grateful for children as they laugh and play, for pets that share our lives and animals that inhabit the earth.
And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as your stop to share my day. May you cultivate the art of Expecting Miracles as you go forth in the direction of your dreams.

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