Monday, August 17, 2009

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do. - Helen Keller

This little beauty sprung forth beneath my bird feeder in a secluded corner that receives filtered sun a mere few hours each day. Instead of withering away from want of the sun, it choose to stand strong and tall to welcome the few rays it receives with gratitude.

Instead of giving up for lack of soil, it sent forth its roots into the shallow soil and held fast never faltering against the winds.

It held its head high and bloomed despite its circumstances and reached forth to greet the sun with joy, turning its face to follow its path.

We have much to learn from the lowly sunflower that awakes with joy, never faltering in its focus on that which brings it warmth and growth and life.

I wish for you, today, that you greet the world like the humble sunflower, lifting up your face with joy to all that is good and life affirming. Maintain your focus and follow the path of that which brings you joy with gratitude.

Today, I am grateful for the quiet of the morning, the cool soft breeze and the first rays of sun. I am grateful for birds on wing, for butterflies and blooming flowers. I am grateful for the fragrance of nature, the glorious dew drop on the leaf and grass that blankets the land. I am grateful for the opportunity to greet another day with joy. I am grateful for the rustling of leaves, delicate ferns in dappled sunlight and wildflowers that bloom despite their circumstances. I am grateful for family and friends who bring me great joy and make my life full. I am grateful to my God, and creator, for the immense beauty he has bestowed upon this earth.

And, I am grateful for you, dear reader. May you greet the world like a radiant sunflower lifting up your face to all that is good and life affirming today.

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