Friday, March 30, 2012

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.


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So many times in life we become so focused on the things we need to do to survive that we forget there is more to life than survival. Many of us live day to day or week to week - or if we are really lucky month to month, mainly in an attempt to work hard to make enough to pay our bills. Although it's nothing compared to how hard our ancestors worked just to survive - it can take its toll.

If you are in the habit of focusing your energy on survival you may be missing out on life along the way.

Last night while reading How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have by John Gray I came a gem that really started me to thinking.  

 "When outer success leaves us feeling unhappy, we conclude that the cause of our unhappiness is not having the next thing."

He goes on to explain that our thinking is logical, but wrong. According to him, unhappiness is simply a lack of inner joy and has nothing to do with the things we have. If he is correct, which he probably is, then it stands to reason that we must practice a little contemplation in our life to discover what it is that makes life pleasurable and enjoyable for us. 

For today, take some time to yourself and resist the urge to channel all your energy into survival. Sit back and consider what things you really want in life and whether you are somehow expecting them to make you happy.

Today, I am grateful for quiet moments in which to think, for increased awareness that allows me to go forward toward my goals, and for the ability to see opportunities at every turn. I am grateful for a clear sound mind, for a healthy body, and for the ability to reach for my dreams.

I am grateful for sunny days, for starlit nights, and for soft green moss beneath my feet. I am grateful for the robin that hops outside my window, for blades of grass that emerge through snow, and tulips that are soon to come.

I am grateful for family and friends who share my life, for neighbors, and for stranger I shall never know - but cross my path with smile or nod. I am grateful for the elderly who share their wisdom, for the youth so full of life, and babies with their loving smiles.

And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you take time to contemplate the things that really mean the most in your life, as you go forward in the direction of your dreams.

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