Sunday, April 4, 2010

Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.  Norman Vincent Peale

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How we see the world is influenced by what we have been taught. For most of us, that means focusing on obstacles that prevent us from from obtaining our goals in the thinly disguised cloak of being cautious and being realistic ~ by seeing the world the way it really is. The error is in assuming that there is one way to see the world and that things really "are" a certain way. They aren't.

Life is how we see it and if we choose to see it from a negative point of view and live our lives with a negative attitude, that is exactly what we will get -- negative experiences that confirm what we choose to believe.

When you make the decision to see the world from a positive point of view by developing a positive attitude, you may find yourself surprised by the good you find in the world and the good you find in people -- even those who you were convinced had nothing to offer.

So many times, I hear someone boast that they "tell it like it is" or "see it like it is" (usually in guise of being blunt and disrespectful to others) when in reality they simply see it the way they choose to and call that reality. 

Change the way you view the world today and the world will open up in ways you never imagined. Cultivate a positive attitude and seek out all that is good and just and uplifting and you will change your life.

Today, I am grateful for a clear sound mind that is capable of choosing how I view the world. I am grateful for the confidence and courage to change my thoughts knowing it will change my life. I am grateful for the breath of life, for a beating heart and for nature that inspires me. I am grateful for family and friends that I hold dear, for loving relationships and courage to pursue my dreams.

And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May your day be filled with great changes as you change the world by changing your attitude. May you find all that is good and uplifting it the world to guide you on your journey. 

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