Sunday, May 15, 2011

Avoid problems, and you'll never be the one who overcame them. Richard Bach

As humans, we often accept obstacles in our way as a reason to quit or as sign that our dreams and goals are not meant to be. Instead of finding a way around them, we give up, giving them the power to control our success and direction in life.

Cultivate the habit of viewing obstacles as challenges to overcome and work diligently to reach your goals and dreams, despite the obstacles in your way.

Today, I am grateful to Richard Bach whose work is filled with inspiration and universal truths. I am grateful for eyes to read, a heart to understand and the courage to overcome obstacles. I am grateful for encouraging words, giving hearts and opportunities I have yet to see.

I am grateful for new opportunities that have come my way, for the ability to meet them with grace and confidence and for a future filled with light. I am grateful for rainy days that precede the sun, for nights that bring us rest and for sunsets in all their glory.

I am grateful for air to breathe, food to eat and time to play. I am grateful for work that motivates me, for an outpouring of words that touch the lives of others and for coffee.

I am grateful for a circle of people I call friends, for family bonds and for children everywhere. I am grateful for the elderly who share their experience with the world, for the young who meet life with exuberance and for Baby Boomers who still strive to find their way in the world.

And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you cultivate the art of overcoming obstacles as you go forward in the direction of your dreams.

~More inspirational words from Richard Bach~

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A Forerunner of the Secret
 If you are a product of the seventies, you probably remember "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and "Illusions" by Richard Bach. Their truths ring as true today as they did over 30 years ago.

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