Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goals are dreams with deadlines.


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So often we spend our lives dreaming of a bright future, yet never realizing that we are responsible for transforming those dreams to goals so that we can work toward them and achieve them. Somehow, we expect those lofty dreams to materialize without any effort on our part. I know I am guilty of this, and I betting you are too.

For today, take the time to identify your dreams and set goals for reaching them. Give your dreams deadlines and work steadfastly toward achieving them. Resist the urge to create vague images of happiness that you cannot define in words. If you, like most us, want a better life, get a clear image of what that life entails.

If you want a better job, consider what that job should be. If you want more money, give thought to how much money you need or want to create the life you desire, and get down to the business of making it happen. 

Now may be a good time to design that vision board you've been meaning to make - or update an old one if  your old doesn't represent you true life desires. 

Today, I am grateful for the bright sun that glistens off mounds of spring snow, for my cat that spends her time watching squirrels and birds out the window, and for ice that sparkles in the sun.
I am grateful for new opportunities within my grasp, for the courage to take risks in my career, and the knowledge that all will work together as it should as I go forward in the direction of my dreams.
I am  grateful for author Richard Bach who always makes me think and consider the world from varying viewpoints, for a comfortable bed that holds me safe in sleep, and for 'sleeping in' a luxury everyone should enjoy on occasion.
For family and friends to enrich my life, for good books to read and for thick, crisp toast from homemade bread.
And, I am grateful for you, dear reader, as you stop to share my day. May you take the time to refine your goals today, as you go forward in the direction of your dreams.

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